Monday, February 6, 2017

The Goddess's Choice Expanded Edition

My contract with Reliquary Press for my first novel, The Goddess's Choice, expires in April, and at the beginning of May, I will be bringing out an expanded edition that includes some of the material I had to cut for length. (The original manuscript was 323,000 words. I cut it to 178,000 words for the Reliquary Press edition.) In addition, I'll be cleaning up and strengthening the language.

The Reliquary Kindle edition for $2.99. This is a price set by the publisher and lower than the typical cost for a book of this length. When the expanded edition is released, I will be selling it for $5.99. Between now and then, I am offering a special. Buy the original edition of the ebook any time before the release of the expanded edition, and I will send you the expanded edition for free as soon as it is available. Just forward your order email from Amazon to This way you will get the expanded edition for only $2.99, a savings of $3. Quite the deal, eh? Just click the link below to order.

The cool link won't show on Chrome, so if you use Chrome, you can use this link instead: 

The expanded edition will have a new cover. My favorite niece (don't feel badly my other niece; she made me say that) is an amazing artist. See her art below and tell me you don't agree:

Because of her uber skills, I asked her to do the cover art for me. Here is the rough sketch of her design so far side by side with the original cover.

When she gets it finished, I think it will be a much cooler cover. In the comments let me know what you think.

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