Friday, March 29, 2013

Excerpt from Neveah: Breaking the Wicked

Yesterday we talked with Angie Merriam. Today read an excerpt from her novel, Neveah: Breaking the Wicked

Kelsha felt the impending war deep in her bones. The feeling excited her greatly. Having her hybrid by her side only stoked the flames in her belly. At times, the thought of her two men actually being one made her feel slightly strange but most of the time she felt like the luckiest woman in Neveah. Who else could claim to be loved by the sweetest, kindest man, while being desired by the darkest most twisted man? Her heart was filled
with love and adoration while her body was satisfied by lust and animalism. Her life could be perfect. Would be perfect, as soon as the Levannah family was dethroned and all of Neveah followed her.

She heard the man’s body stir in the bed as she stood near the window, admiring her land. She could feel his eyes on her, though he didn’t make a sound. Her olive skin was exposed and glistened in the ray of moon-light that grazed through her window. Her ebony hair fell around her shoulders to the small of her back. She felt powerful and sexy standing there with nothing between her bare body and his eyes except the thick strands of her tresses. With each tiny movement a strand would wave slightly exposing a new patch of skin to tease him. Yes. She knew he was watching her.

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