Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reading and Writing Horses, Guest Author Christine Meunier

Today my guest is author, Christine Meunier, who talks to us about working with horses.

Reading and Writing Horses

Today I have the great privilege of providing you with a guest post on my recently released novel Horse Country – A World of Horses.  A big push behind writing this novel was that many people seem to love the idea of pursuing a career with horses, but feel or get told that it isn’t viable.

Horse Country is written to show how much fun in can be to work in the horse industry – almost anywhere around the world – and how travel is an option, as well as the development of amazing contacts and the chance to learn to much about a great animal.  Horse Country aptly shows:

o   the seasons on a stud and associated work that can be expected for anyone working with horses for breeding
o   the equestrian world from an instructor’s point of view in a busy metropolitan riding school.
o   how a horse crazy teenager can pursue education with horses, resulting in a full time career

If you know of someone that is horse crazy and would love to learn more about them and working with them, perhaps you’d like to consider encouraging them with a copy of this book!

Horses are an incredible animal that you can never stop learning about.  They’re also one that will always require people to work with and look after them.  There are definitely job and career opportunities with horses, particularly in the racing and performance industries.

The joys of writing with regards to horses, is that it is always worth writing about what you know.  This has been a possibility for me, combining two things that I dearly love.

Author Biography:

Christine Meunier considers herself introduced to the wonderful world of horses at the late age of 13 when her parents agreed to lease a horse for her.  She started experiencing horses via books from a young age and continues to do so, but recognizes that horses cannot be learnt solely from books.

She has been studying horses from age 16, starting with the Certificate II in Horse Studies and is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Equine Science via distance education.

Christine has worked at numerous thoroughbred studs in Australia as well as overseas in Ireland for a breeding season.

She then gained experience in a couple of Melbourne based horse riding schools, instructing at a basic level before heading off overseas again, this time to South Africa to spend hours in the saddle of endurance and trail horses on the Wild Coast.

Particularly passionate about the world of breeding horses, she teaches equine studies focused on breeding, at a TAFE, Victoria, Australia.

She also writes a blog about equine education which you can view at

You can find her online at:

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