Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I've been doing everything wrong

I have confidence in my writing, and the reviews I have received are excellent, but my books haven't been selling well. I sought advice from those whose books sell better, and I have learned that, apparently, I have been doing everything wrong.

These experts told me that my covers are terrible and my blurbs not interesting. My website is worse than horrible, and it doesn't make sense to have my blog separate from my website. Commenting on my blog on its present platform is too difficult because you have to sign into a google account, which stupid me was unaware of.

Therefore, I am going to be making a lot of changes. I am getting my book covers redesigned by a professional who has been recommended and should be able to produce much more enticing covers. This will unfortunately delay the release of the expanded edition of The Goddess's Choice and The Bull Riding Witch. I am rewriting my blurbs and will soon have new and improved ones.

I am moving and combining both my blog and website onto the WordPress platform. For this week, I will be making blog posts on both this old blog and the new one. Starting next week, I will be operating solely on the new blog/website. I sincerely hope all of you will follow me to the new site and subscribe to my blog there. The address is http://jamie-marchant.com/blog/. I'm still working on the design over there, so it's not as pretty as I hope it will eventually be, but it is fully functional. Click on it now if you will, and comment on my post there on what you think of the new set up and if commenting is now easier for you. I sincerely value your opinions.

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