Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Bull Riding Witch Contest and Blurb

Two weeks ago, I posted the short story, which I expanded into the novel, The Bull Riding Witch. (See previous blog post for the story.) Today I am announcing a contest to win the novel when it is released. I will be awarding two signed print copies and two ebooks. To enter the contest, subscribe to my newsletter (see the sidebar) or comment on any of the posts in my blog. Each comment equals one entry, and you can enter as many times as you like.

Just what is The Bull Riding Witch about? I'm glad you asked.

As the crown princess of Asteria, Daulphina has always thought life would have been easier if she had been born a man. One morning, she wakes up to find her wish has come true, in a way. She has been transported to the parallel realm of Earth and into the body of Joshua Killenyen, a good ol’ boy in small town, Alabama. To keep from starving and find her way home, she must choose between Joshua’s two professions: shoveling horse manure and riding rodeo bulls.

 In The Bull Riding Witch, a novel that mixes urban and high fantasy, Daulphina finds herself caught in a world she doesn’t understand, one ruled by technology rather than magic. Although she figures out how to use her magic to master the bulls she must ride, her problems only multiply. Joshua, in her body, insists to the king that he isn’t a princess and that he “ain’t wearing no dress.” Because of Joshua’s bizarre actions, the king threatens to disinherit Daulphina and make Fitzrigh, her bastard brother, heir. Daulphina is desperate to return home to prevent this. To make matters worse, someone starts using magic to make her fall of the bulls. Since she believes no magic exists on Earth, she is certain a witch has followed her from Asteria to finish her off. Can she find the witch and force the witch to tell her not only how to get home, but back into her own body? Or will the witch succeed in killing her, leaving her bastard brother as heir to the throne?

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