Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sam and Dean Winchester--Favorite Character Tuesday

Awhile ago I wrote a post stating the belief that Supernatural had gone on too long, indicating that the show was simply working too hard to outdo previous seasons.

A person should be woman enough to admit when she was wrong. Season 11 surprised me and ended far differently than I anticipated, but truthfully, that isn't the only reason I'm withdrawing my objection. I'm afraid I'm going to have to admit it. I'm in love with Sam and Dean. It feels like a dent in my status as a feminist to admit this. They are extremely macho, and whenever we see them interacting with women in a romantic capacity (which isn't often), they are pretty much dicks about it. But I can't help it. I'm in love. My son is rolling his eyes at me (in my imagination, that is). According to him, every woman is in love with Sam and Dean.

There are so many things not to like about them. They lie. A lot. Even too each other. Especially to each other. They use people. They have an extremely unhealthy attachment to each other. They make deals with demons for each other, go to hell for each other, betray damned near anyone to protect each other. Dean unleashed the Darkness into the world to protect Sam, and Sam sets Lucifer free from hell for Dean. Part of this is love for the other, but a lot of it is a pathological inability to face life without the other.

Despite knowing all this, I'm in love. True, they are incredibly sexy. Damned fine.

Seriously, look at that and argue with me.
But that is only a small portion of the reason I'm in love.

They have dedicated their lives to helping other people. They go to any distance for a friend in need and often do the same for a stranger. But worse for me, their good qualities are only another small portion of the reason. 

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you probably think you know where I'm heading. Yes, you guessed it. They are tortured souls. I'm unsure why I'm so drawn to the tortured soul. Give me someone who has been screwed over by life, and I swoon. (Maybe not swoon, but you get the idea.)

Life was pretty good for Dean for the first few years. Then a demon killed his mother while Sam was
in the cradle, and it all went to hell. Their father become so obsessed with avenging his wife that he forgot he had responsibilities to his living children. Hunting the demon who killed his wife, he dragged the boys around the country, staying in cheap motels, and giving them limited access to education. He rapidly parentified Dean, leaving both boys for long periods of time and having Dean care for Sam when he wasn't really old enough to take care of himself. This robbed him of his childhood. Later, Dean started going with their father, fighting creatures of darkness long before he would have finished high school. This left Sam completely alone, often in cheap motels until he, too, was deemed old enough (at far too young an age) to join them. No wonder, they're messed up and have a pathological attachment to each other.

As they've grow older, their problems just have gotten worse. Both have spent time in hell, being tortured. Sam lost his soul for awhile. They made mistakes in which things have gone badly and people gotten killed. Their entire life is dedicated to hunting and killing creatures of darkness. Yes, they're tortured souls.

So, it's okay with me if they make several more seasons.